Is Long Covid A Thing?  If your feeling drained and unsupported click to complete the survey and Book Your Free Call with Susan  

The inspiration for this program came recently as many of my clients who had caught Covid were suffering Long Covid which can last for weeks and months, even after a person no longer has the virus.  The symptoms are similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   I have  been specializing in this area for some time now and have designed an online self paced recovery program which includes once a week group coaching calls with me to help people recover from this deliberating virus. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms- tiredness, difficult breathing,a persistent cough, chest pain,joint pain, not enough energy to exercise,fever, headaches,problems with memory and difficulty thinking clearly [“brain fog”] depression or anxiety book a free Zoom Call here to discuss so we can get you back to vibrant health again.

Love Susan x       

In house or On-Line Health Consultation

A Health Consultation can be in-person with Susan or On-line and is perfect if you are struggling with any health Problems.  Ayurveda Medicine is not like Western Medicine.  It treats all disease as the same and designs Your treatment plan based on your Unique Dosha to remove Toxins in the body through Diet, Lifestyle, treatments, emotional healing and the Use of Herbs.  


Ayurveda has the most beautiful healing treatments for the body designed to remove toxins and improve the energy Flow boosting the immune system.  Shirodhara is another world renowned treatment originating in Indian where warm oil flows onto the third eye [forehead] relaxing the fluctuations of the mind making you feel more relaxe.   


Virtual Yoga & In person classes

Virtual Yoga is from a Private Facebook Group.  Anyone can join these classes for a monthly subscription and the classes can be accessed 24 hours a day.  In person classes are every Tuesday at 4.15pm [meditation] followed by delicious Chai Tea and at 7.00am every Saturday morning [Hatha] 

 Transformation Programs

Over the course of the year Susan runs 30 days and 8 week Transformation programs. These are designed to help you find your true purpose for being here,  Incorporating two amazing ancient bodies of knowledge Yoga & Ayurveda



What People are Saying

I have regularly practiced yoga with Sue at 8 Limb Yoga Studio since February 2015. I have always enjoyed and resonated with the style of yoga she teaches along with the input of sound Ayurvedic principles ….

Karen MacMillan

Sue Deakin leads the 8 Limb Tribe with such genuine kindness and knowledge. Every morning and evening her practices are there for me and guide me through not only that hour but all through the day!  ….

Carol McCormack

Prior to seeking Ayurvedic advice from Sue I had suffered from low energy levels for a considerable time, as well as developing intermittent debilitating gastroenteritis symptom in recent years. …. 

Geraldine Moylan

I love the new live stream yoga; it is so worth getting up early to start the day with the right attitude. (In the comfort of my lounge room) Moving the body, breathing and calming the mind sets me up for my day Sue shares her wisdom….

Debbie Ahern

0488 088692

17 Hunter Street, West Mackay, Australia