About Ayurveda


Ayurveda is considered The Mother Of all healing aimed at relieving the diseases of body and mind.

It is one of the oldest scientific health care systems in the world 5000 years old, with an established record of clinical experience. It is not only a system of medicine in the conventional sense that cures disease but is a philosophy of life that teaches us how to maintain and protect mental and physical health and achieve longevity. It places great emphasis on prevention and believes all disease begins in the digestive tract, food is our medicine. Ayurveda treats the person as a whole, a combination of body, mind and soul making it truly holistic. The word Ayurveda can be broken down Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge or learning. Hence Ayurveda is a knowledge by which life in its totality is understood. According to Ayurveda each individual is a unique combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics known as (Prakruti).

Many factors both internal as well as external can affect this constitution (Prakruti), emotions, diet, lifestyle, seasons, work environment, family and relationships.

When we begin to understand our natural tendencies of our constitution it can be easy to reflect and practically manage them, so that we can achieve a natural state of balance and work to minimize the cause that can bring about disease.

To understand your Constitution, it is best to have a brief understanding of the 3-body intelligence Vata, Pitta and Kapha that regulate many functions in the body and mind from the basic cellular process to the most complex of biological functions.


Each individual is a make-up of one or more combinations of these vital energies called your body type.


Responsible for all motion as well as drying functions in nature, it is the energy of movement and controls the movement of blood through the circulatory system, breathing, the delivery of nutrients to the cells and the removal and excretions of waste products


Responsible for all transformations, regulates temperature, is involved in all metabolic activities, governs digestion and ambition.


The energy of lubrication and structure, it provides nourishment, strength and stability both in body and mind and promotes the healing process.

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Ayurveda and its unique features:


Easy to understand and incorporate into our lives


A science for all backgrounds


Treatments are free from side effects


Emphasis on positive health and prevention of disease


Science of longevity


The 5 element theory


The 3 dosha theory


The unique principle of one’s constitution (Prakruti)


The unchanging nature of natural science, although its teachings are thousands of years old its basic principles have never changed because they derive from the universal laws of nature.

The Benefits of Ayurveda


Uncomplicated and easy to follow


See how the most basic of changes can bring about positive results in health


Ongoing help, education and support from your practitioner


The WHO recognizes Ayurveda as an effective and reputable holistic healing system


Natural method of healing

We use Surya Ayurvedic products (Ayurda)


Surya Ayurveda was established by Dr. S. Ajit with a mission to provide high quality Ayurvedic products to the Australasian market. Dr. Ajit has 35 years of clinical experience and is the most experienced Ayurvedic Doctor practicing in Australasia. He is also the only Ayurvedic Doctor outside India who has worked for the Government of India as an Ayurvedic Medical Officer for over 19 years.

From this experience he has developed a deep understanding of Ayurvedic traditional formulations as well as in depth knowledge of most of the Ayurvedic companies operating in India.

Dr Ajit ensures that these preparations are export quality Ayurvedic products also pays for separate scientific testing on all herbs and medicines to ensure they are free from heavy metal contamination. This is all a part of Surya Ayurveda’s commitment to the safety of these herbal preparations and ultimately a therapeutic effectiveness second to none.

You can be assured that all products purchased from Surya Ayurveda meet the following requirements:

  • They are specially for the export market for Ayurvedic medicines;
  • That have been separately tested for heavy metal levels;
  • Arishtas, Chyawanprash, Kesri Kalp, Herbal Syrups (eg Livlife, Koffnil) and Rosa Plus Jam are all made on special product runs for Surya Ayurveda, where only jaggery (and no white sugar) is used;
  • Herbs that meet the high level ‘mesh’ standard for churnas which provides the best absorption;
  • New herbal formulas developed after decades of work by Dr Ajit exclusively for Surya Ayurveda’s Ayurda label (eg. M-Power, Shakti-Ton, Shanti-Ton, Re-Nil etc)

Unique Features of Ayurvedic Products


  • Ayurvedic treatment targets the root cause of all illness rather than treating the symptoms of disease and utilises natural earth derived products in this light.
  • Ayurvedic products will only be a combination of pure herbs & minerals and never contain synthetic vitamins and other substances.
  • Ayurvedic products, while helping to dislodge toxins from deep tissue, will also assist in the rejuvenation of that tissue.
  • Ayurvedic products will help to revive the intelligence of particular organs or tissues that has been affected by the build-up of toxins. Once the effect has been achieved one need not become dependent on such products.
  • Ayurveda gives each individual an opportunity to take control of their own health by enhancing their awareness through incorporating Ayurvedic principles into their lives. This is not a statement in keeping with the heading about products.
  • Ayurvedic products are utilised within a totally holistic framework – not as quick fix bullets – and so work in conjunction with a total whole life program to bring about renewal and healing on a total mind, body, spirit level.


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