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What our Students are Saying

8 Limb Yoga was a positive and welcoming environment to gain the necessary knowledge and ability of practical application, to become a competent teacher.
Kaylene Munro

I undertook my teacher training at 8 Limb Yoga Mackay it was an amazing journey with knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated teachers to assist you all the way. This is a journey I will never regret, making hopefully lifelong friends along the way, it was a journey of hard work, lots of laughs and a few tears, for me personally it was huge personal self-discovery within myself, I have grown so much over this time and have been given the opportunity to teach my passion with others. I mean me getting up in front of a group just to say hello before I took this journey would have me running a mile. Now I can’t wait to share my passion & practice with a class. If you were thinking of teacher training whether it be to improve your own practice, journey within or to teach I would highly recommend taking the journey with 8 Limb Yoga Mackay

Tanya Kingman

Sue was a very knowledgeable teacher who truly believes in the power of yoga to unite people. I feel very blessed to have been guided by her & shall always recommend her & her school with the highest respect and admiration. Namaste
Emily Cullen

I am so grateful I chose to train with 8 Limb Yoga, the teachers incredibly supportive and knowledgeable. My own practice has deepened so much, and I have gained the confidence to teach. I can’t recommend the school enough

Karen Ashman

The program at 8 Limb is both thorough and intimate. You are with Sue (lead teacher) every step of the way in a small group – an ideal setting to form close relationships with other trainees and get a lot of personalised study attention. Not only did I enhance and extend my own personal practice and learn how to translate that into safe and effective teaching; I have made a group of lifelong friends whose support has been amazing. I am confident that 8 Limb provided a high quality teacher training that has laid the foundation for my yoga career; and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
Madison Lee

With love in my heart, I have no regrets… I am glad I completed this course through 8 Limb Yoga as it has given me the confidence and growth in my self-development to find ME. If I was to do all over again – I wouldn’t change a thing! It is always an easier journey when you have inspirational teachers who are very supportive and I developed an outlook from this Teacher Training course of being able to achieve more than I gave myself credit for – you do just have to have faith and believe…

Maria Coles

After many years of contemplating becoming a yoga teacher, 2017 was the year.

I would continually question, Should I do it? Should I do it? But looking back on the exact moment, my body and mind went into auto drive and before you knew it, I had walked into the studio, signed up and committed. There was no question, just action. It was time.

I was nervous and excited to start this part of my journey. I left the first weekend in tears, a mix of emotional overload and fear. The reality had set in, that in order to immerse myself into the Yogic journey, I needed to do the work…on me!

I studied the history, the 8 Limbs and the Asana, and grew a deep awareness of the body, mind, and heart & soul connection.

This course was the best thing I did in 2017 and one of my greatest achievements. You see, I didn’t just study Yoga, I was given the opportunity to study myself!!

Everyone at 8 Limb Yoga was so supportive and Sue was a shining ray of light that guided us to our stillness and truth.

The moment I became a Yoga teacher was the moment I forever became a student of Yoga.

And Sue, I am truly grateful for your energy, wisdom, guidance and support. I am blessed to such a beautiful teacher.

The Light In me Bows to the Light In You.

Shannon Clare

In 2013, I undertook my journey to complete my RYT 200 Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training at 8 Limb Yoga in Mackay. The Teacher Training program was well designed and flexible to suit my needs as a beginner teacher. The combination of theory and 90 hours of personal practice allowed for me to build a solid foundation to begin teaching. The program which was offered by 8 Limb incorporated the 90 hours of practice at 8 Limb’s studio which allowed guidance and support to be offered throughout the process and ongoing feedback. The practical component of the program is an integral aspect of the course, and allows for growth as a beginner teacher. 8 Limb allows beginner teacher’s to gradually enter the world of teaching with a supported program and strong mentoring from the Teacher Trainers. I strongly value the skills I have gained during my journey through the program and teaching at the studio.
Jen Pel


I had thought about Teacher Training for years. Watched several friends go through a program, but always thought I did not have the time, or skill or…….. Always a block in the way. I wanted to do it for my own practice, to grow, to understand more, to get a deeper meaning and satisfaction. But still I kept holding on to reasons not to do it. Then Sue pushed away my imaginary block. Turns out it was easy. The Training weekends were full of the information I was seeking. One part Technical detail and two parts inspirational. Learning and practicing with the other trainees added a whole new dimension to the experience. My time on the mat changed, deepened, and at the end of sessions, I could see that teachers others would essentially be sharing my own practice. It was exhilarating, gratifying. The study and practice sessions were demanding, but worthwhile. The support provided for practical teaching experience was wonderful. I would say that I wish I had done it years ago, but Yoga has taught me that things come in their own time.
Beth Pallesen


Decided to take the journey into the Teacher Training at 8 Limb Yoga Mackay was the easiest decision of my entire life. I embarked on a journey like no other I had ever been involved with, but I knew this journey would be in a very supportive and inspiring environment. The 90 practical hours helped me to develop a strong and knowledgeable daily practice. The theory hours were spread over 3 separate weekends, which gave us the chance to experience scheduling and teaching a class, in preparation for the final assessment. This whole experience really was amazing, not only did I gain a deeper understanding and love for yoga, I was able to complete this with very experienced and supportive guidance. I am proud that I completed my Training at 8 Limb Yoga.
Tracy Marriner



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