Yoga & Ayurveda Health Retreat

3 Night Exclusive Health & Wellness Retreat 2021

3 Night Exclusive Health & Wellness Retreat

in these beautiful surroundings

Friday 18th to Monday 21st June 2021

An authentic North Queensland rain forrest experience in superb natural surroundings. A three night getaway with like minded people in this beautiful location will deepen your yoga and meditation practice without the distractions of life getting in the way. This beautiful piece of heaven is off the grid, located 10 minutes off the Bruce Highway halfway between Mackay and Proserpine. A perfect location to give you a temporary break from daily routine. Sue Deakin is your host on retreat and has been teaching workshops, Yoga teacher Training’s and retreats internationally for many years. Sue is an Ayurveda Practitioner and has teamed up with Ayurveda Practitioner Margaret Deurhof from Marigold Ayurveda to include a meal plan based on the principles of Ayurveda medicine, a form of traditional medicine dating back thousands of years to boost your health, prevent or manage disease, and maintain wellness.

What kind of Yoga will we be doing? Sue will guide you through gentle Hatha Yoga practice each morning to open your body, guide you through some gentle breathing exercises and allow time for you to enjoy the beautiful nature surroundings in meditation before our delicious Ayurvedic breakfast. In the late afternoon Sue will guide you through a beautiful Yin/Restorative Yoga session to help unwind you to enjoy the evening sessions.

Downtime is Essential. The goal of a retreat is to get what you need and not over commit. After your Breakfast you will be able to nap, read, take a hike or even book a treatment in advance with one of the Massage Therapists available. The list will be sent to you a few weeks before the retreat for you to book and please bring extra cash to pay the Therapist directly on the day.

Is it best to go Solo? This is completely up to you. Everyone is welcome on this Retreat. You can bring your partner, your friend or come on your own. The Bell Tents are shared accommodation and you will be sharing with someone. Coming on your own can really push you outside your comfort zone where the magic really happens. It puts you in a position to meet new people and, possibly, make amazing lifetime friends.

You’ll need to get in the right mindset before you go Look at a retreat as an opportunity to unplug. It’s great this location is off the grid as you wont be able to make social media posts about your experience until you get home. To get the most out of your experience and the investment you have put in, it’s important to unplug as much as possible. Avoid checking those emails. Come with an open mind and know that even that a seemly simple shift has the power to change your life.

Will we go on any excursions? The strawberry farm is across the road. If you would like to go for a walk to the Strawberry farm you will have time either Saturday or Sunday morning for this. There is also a beautiful hike to a lovely waterfall which is only 15 minutes walk away. A lovely place to spend some time.

Tell me more about the Food? We will be serving a well thought out meal plan of Ayurveda vegetarian food on Retreat. An Ayurveda diet is an eating pattern that’s been around for thousands of years. It is believed that all disease begins in the digestive tract and the principles of Ayurveda medicine focuses on balancing the body and mind. The diet as a whole encourages eating whole foods like fruit,vegetables,grains and legumes. This can benefit your health greatly. as these foods are rich in many essential minerals. Note If you are Gluten and Dairy Free we can cater for your needs.

You Take the Whole vacation back with you? A Yoga and Ayurveda retreat allows you to carry almost everything you have learned, from yoga asana’s, to healthy Ayurveda morning routines, and form a collection of wonderful experiences to a rejuvenated mind. This is not just a span of a week or a month. Instead, it’s a collection of memorable moments lived with tremendous affinity and sentiment.

Connection with Nature This beautiful location and property is stunning. Surrounded by mountains with it’s own cascade. Your eyes will not only witness the charm of nature but also gain many reasons to fall in love with it and get intimate with the natural serenity. Away from the noise of city life, you will be spending your time in natural calmness. An awesome opportunity to embrace the love and affection Mother Nature has gifted to humankind.

What do I need to bring? Yoga pants, tanks, tops as well as a long-sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt or hoodie for evening classes and entertainment- we recommend you layer as it will be Late June and as we are in the mountains it can get very cold. Bring a Torch, toiletries, hiking shoes and thongs, a hat, water bottle, towel, togs if your game to have a dip in the crystal clear creek, although you will be supplied with bedding you might like to bring an extra blanket or sleeping bag if you don’t like the cold. A more detailed list will be sent to you 4 weeks before the Retreat.

Night entertainment/Celebrate International Yoga Day 21st June Our first night on Retreat we will loosen up and let our hair down with a fun dance evening with Sue, Kathleen Campbell a local musician will sing and play music for us on Saturday evening around the fire, and we will have a beautiful gong and sound healing session on Sunday evening. Monday is International Yoga day so we will celebrate with a yoga class in the morning with Sue. Retreat will close at 11 am on Monday and i’m sure you will take wonderful memories home with you and lifelong friends.

Benefits of investing your time at this Yoga&Ayurveda Retreat


Wonderfully rewarding on many levels.


Refreshing, rejuvenating, re-energizing and re-empowering.


You will find out your Unique Dosha and learn the best foods to balance your mental, emotional and physical health. ... This will be life changing information to take with you when you leave.


Deeply relaxing and peaceful.


A shift in perception with a healthier perspective


Sacred space and spiritual connection


Aid to recovery from illness


Can be truly therapeutic


You share time with like-minded people and make new friends

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