I have regularly practiced yoga with Sue at 8 Limb Yoga Studio since February 2015. I have always enjoyed and resonated with the style of yoga she teaches along with the input of sound Ayurvedic principles as a foundation. I have felt enormous benefits to my health and wellbeing using the tonics and oils Sue has recommended for me according to my Ayurvedic dosha along with implementing the practices of breathing and meditation to my daily yoga practice. She now offers Yoga online which suits my routine for morning practice and additionally I have the benefit of logging on to other classes when it suits me.
Karen McMillan

Prior to seeking Ayurvedic advice from Sue I had suffered from low energy levels for a considerable time, as well as developing intermittent debilitating gastroenteritis symptom in recent years. I had pursued a variety of treatments and advice over the years, with no success. Unfortunately, I had become resigned to these chronic conditions characterising my life. At the beginning of 2020 I commenced my Ayurvedic healing journey with Sue and gradually my life has been transformed. My energy levels have rebounded, my creativity has returned, and I no longer live with the threat of an unexpected bout of gastroenteritis disrupting my life for days. I now wake with enthusiasm for my day and I have the energy to pursue whatever I choose, or that may come my way. Sue’s professionalism, passion for her Ayurvedic practice and caring approach make each encounter with her inspiring and reassuring. I am so grateful that I have been able to reap the benefits of Ayurvedic science and medicine through 8 Limb Yoga and Ayurvedic. I unreservedly recommend Ayurvedic medicine and Sue Deakin to anyone who genuinely wants to achieve ongoing health and wellbeing.

Geraldine Moylan


I love the new live stream yoga; it is so worth getting up early to start the day with the right attitude.

(In the comfort of my lounge room)

Moving the body, breathing and calming the mind sets me up for my day. Sue shares her wisdom while providing very clear directions to suit beginners & advanced students.

It’s not about looking good in poses or touching your toes. It’s about getting on our mat everyday & doing what you can

I love & rate my experience 10/10 with the Tribe


After a prolonged illness [3 months], and little improvement, I needed help

[I had consulted doctors but there was no magic pill just rest]

Ayurveda was new to me, but I was happy to trust Sue having attended many Yoga

Classes/retreats over the years with her previous business 8 Limb Yoga

Knowing the professionalism & work Sue incorporates in all her endeavours I was very

Comfortable to incorporate Ayurveda in my life.

After just 2 weeks into the treatment, I could start to see changes in my skin/eyes & fatigue levels

It’s now been 6 weeks and I’m almost back to normal

Thankyou Sue

Debbie Ahern

Sue Deakin leads the 8 Limb Tribe with such genuine kindness and knowledge. Every morning and evening her practices are there for me and guide me through not only that hour but all through the day! Each practice is unique, and she knows what your body and soul need. I have been fortunate to have experienced an Ayurvedic massage with Sue. Simply the best massage ever! The after effects were the most amazing, leaving me feeling uplifted and clear for the next week. Thank you Sue

Carol McCormack


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